Gangnam Sweet & Sour Kimchi

Gangnam Sweet & Sour Kimchi

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This sweet n sour version of kimchi is famously known as “Baek-kimchi” which translates to “White Kimchi.” It is a popular kimchi made without the chili peppers, which gives it a non-spicy, clean flavor, appealing to children and the elderly, to whom the regular kimchi might be too spicy. Did we also mention that it’s vegan?

This Vegan kimchi has the effervescence faintly reminiscent of champagne mixed with a subtle sweetness that comes from the Korean pears we use in the base! Our Sweet & Sour kimchi is fantastic on salads, sandwiches and even on its own as a healthy snack.

Our favorite ways to eat Sweet & Sour kimchi . . .

salads - hot dogs - soups - ramen - rice bowls - avocado toast - fish tacos - fajitas - sesame noodles - udon noodle - stir fry - frittatas - ratatouille - chili - stuffed peppers - Hors d'oeuvres- rice balls - grilled cheese - bruschetta - quesadillas - burgers


Napa cabbage, radish, garlic, ginger, carrot, scallion, salt, sugar, pear.

Shelf Life: 4 months | Once Opened: 2 weeks

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