Gangnam Traditional Spicy Kimchi

Gangnam Traditional Spicy Kimchi

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Our Traditional Spicy Kimchi recipe holds that picante-peppery heat that is both crisp and has depth of flavor. The umami-filled taste comes from an anchovy-based broth and red pepper flakes that have been roasting under the Korean sun, giving this kimchi a distinctive spicy punch.

Our favorite ways to eat Sweet & Sour kimchi . . .

salads - hot dogs - soups - ramen - rice bowls - avocado toast - fish tacos - fajitas - sesame noodles - udon noodle - stir fry - frittatas - ratatouille - chili - stuffed peppers - h’ordeurves - rice balls - grilled cheese - bruschetta - quesadillas - burgers


Napa cabbage, radish, chilli pepper powder, garlic, ginger, scallion, fermented anchovy sauce, fermented shrimp sauce, kelp base sauce, salt, sugar.

Shelf Life: 4 months | Once Opened: 2 weeks

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